Here's a new tutorial on how to draw a daisy flower very quickly. We will take the help of some circles. Make sure you draw the guidelines first. Besides this let's see some information about daisy :

A daisy is a flowering plant with a large, star-shaped head that has clusters of florets surrounding a central disc of yellow or black florets.

Daisy helps to cure coughs, bronchitis, disorders of the liver and kidneys, and swelling (inflammation).

Let's look at the detailed tutorial :

What do you need to draw this simple art?

  • Pencil
  • Art pepar
  • Marker
  • Color pencil


1. Draw some small circles.

Firstly draw the guidelines. Take a pencil & make some random circles.

2. Draw more ovals.

Now add the outer circle.

3. Now draw the petals.

Now draw the petals for the flower drawing.

4. Draw the stems.

There after draw the stems.

5. Draw the grass.

Draw the grasses.

6. Color it with yellow & white.

lastly color it by yellow & white. Draw the background with orange & yellow.

All Step Images

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