How To Draw A House


By making some simple shapes you can draw this easy house. Just follow the steps. Besides this, you can also learn some interesting facts about the house. let's look at the facts:

House is an environment or space where a family or individual stays & also perform a various domestic activity such as sleeping, preparing food, & eating, etc.

In many parts of world houses are constructed using scavenged materials.in Dakar, the houses made of a mixture of garbage & sand. In the united states, houses are made using brick & quarried stone. A large portion of American houses uses wood while most British & many European houses use stone, brick, mud. etc.

Let's look at the detailed drawing:

What do you need to draw this simple art?

  • Pencil
  • Art Paper
  • Color
  • Tracing Marker


1. Make guidelines & draw a rectangle

Firstly draw the guidelines. Make a circle.make a rectangle.

2. Add a triangle .

Now add a triangle to the top of the rectangle.

3. Add a rectangle.

Now add a rectangle to the bottom.

4. Add door & Window.

Draw the detailed windows & doors.

5. Trace it with a marker.

You can trace it with a black marker.

6. Color it.

Give the red color to the top. give brown to the door.give green to the grass.lastly give sky to the sky.

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Keep practicing. Don't forget to share your drawing with us.

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