A Cat


If you are looking for an easy cat drawing you can try this one. Take help of some circles & you can easily build this easy cat. Here's some more information about the cat:

Cat or domestic cats, are small, carnivorous (meat-eating) mammals. Cats have amazing night vision and can see six times better than us mere humans.

A cat’s fur may be black, white, brown, gray, yellow, red, or orange. It may also be striped (tabby); a mixture of white, black, and yellow (tortoiseshell); or marked with patches of color.

Domestic cats are carnivores, or meat-eaters. Many hunt and eat small animals, including birds, mice, and rabbits. They use their claws, which they can drawback or in, and their strong, sharp teeth to catch prey.

Here's your tutorial of black & white cat :

What do you need to draw this simple art?

  • Pencil
  • Art paper
  • Tracing marker
  • color pencil


1. Draw a circle.

Firstly draw the guidelines. Took a pencil &make a circle.

Step By Step A Cat

2. Now draw the legs & body.

Now add two lines for leg & a half circle for body.

Step By Step A Cat

3. Add details.

Now add small lines for paws. add the ears.

Step By Step A Cat

4. Add patches.

Then add some circles to the body.add a curved line for tail.

Step By Step A Cat

5. Draw the facial details.

Draw the eye, nose & whisker.

Step By Step A Cat

6. Trace it & color it.

Color the cat with black & white .Color the background with sky blue & orange.

Step By Step A Cat

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Step By Step A Cat

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