Are you looking for a detailed tutorial on capsicum? if it is yes you are in the right place. in this 6 step tutorial, we will briefly elaborate the whole proceeding, as well as we are providing some details on capsicum :

Capsicums also called sweet peppers or bell peppers. capsicums can be eaten either raw or cooked.

Capsicums are plum, a bell-shaped vegetable that usually features either 3 or 4 lobes.

Capsicum can be green, red, yellow, or orange. capsicums mainly composed of water . The rest is carbs and small amounts of protein and fat. They are rich sources of vitamin C.

Let's look at the detailed tutorial :

What do you need to draw this simple art?

  • Pencil
  • Art paper
  • Color pencil
  • Marker


1. Draw a round like shape.

Firstly draw the guidelines. took a pencil &make two oval like shape.

2. Now add the inner curve.

Now add the inner curve from the both side.

3. Erase outer lines & add the pedicle.

Erase the excess lines. Draw the stem.

4. Add the outer details

Draw the details.

5. Add the outer details6.Now trace it & colour it.

You can trace it with a black marker. draw the details on the body

6. Now trace it & color it.

Give the red & green color to the capsicum. give brown to the base .give yellow to the background.

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