About Us

We are a sketch driven platform.

More than a collection of colored images, SCHOOL ART PROJECTS is where drawings get life by step by step elaboration. Discover sincere artists by their beautiful sketches. Here we present different categorized drawings with all needed information, videos & step by step elaboration. We believe SCHOOL ART PROJECTS will enhance your child's ideology, drawing techniques, & art basics. By opting for our websites your children can learn different art history, different cultures, color theory, scientific types of equipment, historical personalities & many more. We help your child dig deeper into the passion & heart of drawing.

Reasons to opt for our website

  • We divided our drawings into different grades, like grade 1 for toddlers (1-3) years, grade 2 for preschool (3-7) years, grade 3 for childhood.

  • Each drawing tutorial is broken down into easy-steps & there will be a video tutorial also. So students can follow them & make their drawing easily.

  • We also tried our best to give some basic ideas for each painting. This will help the children to have some idea of what they are drawing. We are also providing some tutorials on color theory, art history, different science projects, historical personalities in grade 3.

  • You will find a complete drawing package for your children, from the basic to the higher-grades.

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